5 Ways to Achieve Instant Style

The last word we think of when it comes to fashion is uniformity. Fashion is pop, pizzazz, spice and wow. You want to create an explosion, not a thud; an “OMG”, not an “eh”. Basically, fashion is about going big and bold, making a statement, shaking it up. Now, as many of us are hardworking women, we tend to forgot this tremendous audacity that fashion embodies, and settle for the “eh” instead of the “OMG” with our individual style.

When you’re up at 7 in the morning, it’s just easier to slip on your penny loafers than to get all glammed up. However, there are ways to incorporate some of that big and bold fashion flavor into your everyday routine. Here are five little style tips that can add some major spunk to any outfit.

1. Funky & Chunky Jewelry

By funky I don’t mean earrings made of toilet paper, and by chunky I don’t mean a bracelet that can double as a barbell weight. There are things that exceed the wild aspect we’re striving for here. All you want is a nice pop of color or design. Slip a flashy cocktail ring on one finger. Wear a funky, multicolored bracelet or a long beaded necklace.

Don’t overload on the chunk, however. There is such a thing as too much. Go for a single piece that pops and will stand out from the rest of your outfit.


2. Buy an Awesome Pair of Boots

Invest in a totally hip pair of boots. If your style is more flirty and sassy go for an ankle boot with an open toe and a towering heel. If you’re feeling like the sexy, dominating woman that you are try a thigh-high leather boot. They can look super sleek with a mini skirt, dress or shorts. If heels aren’t your thing, there is a hot mess of flat boots on the market- thigh, ankle, mid calf. Non-heeled boots offer comfort and a more casual look, but they can still amp up any outfit!

3. Show Those Leggings

If you aren’t familiar with leggings, they are skinny, tight fitting pants that come in an assortment of textures and colors. If you want to show off your stems, but it’s a tad too cold for shorts, opt for leggings. You can wear leggings with just about any shoe, but the trick with these is to wear a longer shirt. You want a loose, flowy top to compliment the skin tight look going on below. Lauren Conrad is often seen wearing these fabulous skinnies. The great thing about leggings is that they can be formal or informal; a walk in the park or a night on the town!


4. Do Your Do

Don’t underestimate the power of your hair. When you’re picking out an outfit, think of your hair as an accessory. You wouldn’t forget to put shoes on, so don’t forget to tame your mane! A classic, twist up, top of the head bun gives you an air of sophistication and shows off your neck. You don’t need any hairspray, it looks better when pieces fall out! If you’d rather wear your hair down, try a side braid. Take all your hair to one side, and pull it together in a loose, tousled braid. Wear a print headband or a jeweled clip. Whatever you do, try to avoid the age old pony tail.

5. Wrap yourself up

Don’t let the weather determine your decision to wear a scarf. Sure, they look great with a big, wooly perka and a fuzzy hat but they also look great with a tank top and jeans.

You can wear a scarf with pretty much any outfit. There are a million different ways to wear a scarf, so experiment with all of them. You can wrap it one, twice, three times. You can make a knot, move a knot, or just leave it hanging. Scarves can be that extra something an outfit sometimes needs, without going over the top.

Try these techniques, at least once in a while, and I assure you, you will achieve that fashion explosion.

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