Falling into Fashion

Every year, catalogs, department stores, and womens’ magazines abound with the new fall styles.

The hot trends for womens’ and girls’ shoes are tweed, with floral, print, and tapestry also popular. The top fall shoe colors are bright plum, dark wine, navy blue, deep orange, deep purple, ginger, moss green, dark olive, spice, and taupe. (With the exception of navy blue and taupe, these other colors will require careful coordination with your wardrobe.

You don’t want to look like a circus clown! But for those of you that DO, knock yourself out!)

Flats, clogs, and mules will remain popular. And of course, THE fall shoe, the loafer. There are new variations of this classic, such as high-heeled loafer, richer colors(like the abovementioned), suede, velvet, and embellished.

Some of the hot fall boots include slip-on 3″ heel ankle-length with suede, which can be worn with pants or skirts.

One of the newest trends are sweater boots. I don’t know if this will be permanent, but for now, they’re HOT! They come in many colors and I think they work like socks-can be rolled up, stretched out, layered down. Now can these be used in a blizzard? Hard to say right now. But if sturdy enough…..

Knee-high and 1″ flat heel boots will still be popular.

Another new trend are tapestry boots. The features are 3″ heels, removable side bows, and tapestry uppers, and a lovely choice of patterns-orient/express, a multi-color paisley, or red/purple paisley.

There are classic boots with pointy toes, and stretch knee-high boots made of microfiber in a variety of colors and widths.

The hot fall bags (which are great for those who need serious room in their purse or for students)include the vintage look, and a constructed tote bag. There’s a Marc Jacobs style (no relation; I wish!) style that’s not only fashionable, but has enough sturdiness, room, and compartments to hold a kitchen sink in. And you’ll look stunning doing it!

Big, oversized, slouchy bags will never go out of sight. A fashion classic!

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Corduroy bags are very strong, sturdy, and can withstand a lot. And still be very stylish.

By now you may be thinking to yourselves, “Well, JEEZ, Pat, these things sound fantastic, but I can’t afford this.

Even trying to just acquire new shoes and a bag will break my budget.”

“I’m so poor I can’t even afford a budget.”

It’s not necessary to break the bank to update your look.

This is where “slightly used” comes into play. Good quality, name brands, and still a wide variety of shoes, boots, and/or handbags can be brought at discount outlets, thrift shops, and sometimes even dollar stores.

There are also great deals on fall clothing at these places.

All you really need here are a few essential basics:

Some corduroy items-Those stripes on this material are called wale; the thin ones add texture without bulkiness.

Sweaters, of course-Look for the newer microfiber and other lighter blends. They won’t be as heavy as the traditional sweater, and you’ll still be warm. Cotton or mostly cotton (60% or more)is also good.

Pants(and Jeans)-Look for a slight flare or bootcut type (for wearing with boots, of course; a clunky shoe will also look better with these.)

1 or 2 Jackets-A classic one-button blazer or casual jean jacket can be worn every year. Corduroy(!), tweed, and suede are still popular jacket material. And the vintage look.

Menswear Prints-This is clothing that has houndstooth, plaid, check, or pinstripe designs or patterns on them.
Women can also wear these, combined with female accessories.

For those who can’t afford a budget, don’t fret; here are some options:

1. Ask family members for clothing they’re not longer using. You will find a fall basic that’s still wearable.

2. Go to a fall clothing giveaway, like The Salvation Army.

3. Local churches or other organizations/programs will sometimes offer free clothing.

4. A co-worker or an elderly person in the neighborhood will often voluntarily just give you clothes. No joke. It happens to me a lot!

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