Fashion Tips – Must-have Pieces

With warm weather comes a sense of renewal and rejuvenation in many people. Why not apply that feeling to your wardrobe? There are a few key pieces that every girl needs to add to her collection to look composed and pulled together for the most modest season of the year. Here’s a hint: the pieces reflect the feel of the season!

Pretty floral prints. With flowers blooming all around, it’s the best time for your wardrobe to reflect that. Wearing an attractive floral top or dress can instantly refresh an outfit and your mood.

Printed bag. A big bag with a bold print can be a girl’s best spring accessory. With a crazy, outrageous print or color, a girl doesn’t have to do much to dress herself up. The bag will do it for her!

Textured whites like a white eyelet dress or blazer can really make you pop. The fabric is light and fresh, just like the season.

A chic, messy bun. A bun with the hair at the crown slicked back with a messy, uncoiffed knot in the back is the ultimate look for spring. It’s sleek and sophisticated, but also a little bit flirty.

Rose-tinted makeup. Gone are winter’s darker tints. Spring is all about looking and feeling lighter. Using different shades of pink, whether it’s eye shadow, blush or lip gloss is the perfect way to look soft and pretty without looking too done up.

Add a splash of color to your wardrobe. Black and white are two classic wardrobe colors, but spring is about rebirth. It’s the perfect time to add color to your ensembles. But save the bold, bright colors for summer. Spring is all about looking soft, so choose subtle pastels or neutrals.

Swingy dresses. What better time of the year than spring to wear an airy dress that has movement? Whether you wear it for an afternoon stroll in the park or a night out on the town, a loose-fitting dress that hugs you in all the right places is a must-have garment in your closet.

Headbands. They’re baaack! Headbands aren’t just for schoolgirls anymore; these hair accessories have made a comeback in a big way. Forget those uncomfortable plastic ones, this season’s headbands sport a wider band and pretty clothed patterns. Whether it’s a paisley print or pretty color, headbands are the perfect spring accessory.

Most of all, you should have fun with your selections. Spring is all about being subtle, but adding your own taste can make your look unique and making the look your own.

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