Look like a Celebrity: Fashion Tips, Secrets and Trends

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve tracked all the major magazines and style blogs in search of the best kept Hollywood fashion secrets to dispense to the world. The results? I got expert tips on how to make these trends work for real women, thanks in large part to my wife. Read on for practical advice on ways to achieve a luminous complexion, lips tinged in pinks from glossy petal to sheer fuchsia, eyes enhanced by tropical-inspirational hues and more.


The trend: a very well-nourished beginning

What’s the secret weapon? Shu Uemura Depsea Water nourishing facial mist in Rosemary

Description: It makes your skin look completely and instantaneously refreshed and energized. It’s a mineral rich, tall drink of water for your skin. Obviously the secret to the best complexion is having a very high moisture content, you should firsts put water on first, then seal in the moisture with, unsurprisingly, a moisturizer. You will definitely not need as much foundation if your kins is already plumped with such hydration.

The trend: illuminated skin

Secret weapon recommendation: Shiseido The Skincare Day Essential Moisturizer Light SPF 10

Descrpition: create luminescent skin by a brief facial massage with this great moisturizer. This massage definitely helps stimulate the blood circulation. The right way to apply it: Use your ring and middle finger to create small strokes and massage the cream slowly from your forehead all the way down to the neck. After this, apply your normal makeup routine.

The trend: extremely provocative fluttering eyelashes

Secret weapon recommendation: DiorShow

Extremely long eyelashes were the biggest trend last year. Using brown and feathery false eyelashes needs to be more natural and soft. However, for a less dramatic look, you can apply just a few strokes on the outer corner of the lid.

The trend: flamboyantly colored eyelids

Secret weapon recommendation: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Blue Sphere

Flamboyantly colored shadows are pretty tendy, but don’t be discouraged by the very vibrant hues. They can come much more translucent than they actually appear in the container and the advertisement. Some secrets: use a makeup brush to apply shadow along the upper eyelid, close in proximity to the eyelashes. Then take a clean makeup sponge and wipe the outer corner of the product lightly upward to make eyes appear even more intense than usual.

The trend: concealer to enhance and perfect

Secret weapon recommendation: Lancome Palette Mix Complexion Kit

Definitely important to your flawless complexion is just a little extra concealer, though it must be logistically applied. Softly dot the concealer under the corner of your eyelids by the tear duct, then pat a little bit under your nose and eyes. This effect makes you look more awake as the concealer that will mask any signs of redness.

The trend: fuchsia lips

Secret weapon recommendation: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Strawberry Electric ($7)

Lips come in every pink variation possible. Deeper and brighter pinks do require a different makeup technique than other normal colors. This season’s newest and hippest color, fuchsia, is a good bet: apply it on your fingertips so that it looks less saturated.

The trend: glistening and flattering highlights

Secret weapon recommendation: Bobbi Brown Pink Shimmer Brick Compact

Contrary to popular belief, eye shadow doesn’t have to be only for eyelids. You can give your extravagant face an overall glow by lightly dusting a shimmering shadow over the entire outer eye area. Carefully smooth it from the outer corners over the tops of the cheekbones, then blend the skin until there’s only a hint of shummer. This is one of the most effective and best kept secrets that definitely must be applied.

The trend: a just-back-from-the-the best vacation glow

Secret weapon recommendation: Shu Uemura Glow On Pearl Brown 76 bronzer

This impeccable bronzer should definitely be pearlized to reflect the light off your face since the idea is to glow, not to glitter! Another hint: don’t overdo pressed or loose powders over a bronzer.

Secret weapon recommendation: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil with Golden Shimmer

You’ll probably need to exfoliate a lot to keep the skin smooth. After you get dressed, rub a little body oil along the center of your legs, knees, and shinbones to catch the light, though try to be as subtle as possible. Another great place? The collarbones. Though surprising, the collarbones never ages or puts on weight, which is why it’s definitely the most seductive body part to highlight.

The trend: seriously and attractive shiny hair

Secret weapon recommendation Jane Lucka Beach Blonde Gold Rush Shimmer Gel

This gel can be applied on all hair shades. Gloriously shiny hair has become increasingly popular, which can impart a healthy glow. Thankfully, it’s easy to do at home. Merely apply the gel, and tada, you ideal hair will shimmer like the summer light,

The trend: seemingly effortless ponytails

Secret weapon recommendation: Wella Liquid Hair Hair Putty

I recommend creating a low, slightly messy yet not overly so, ponytail that many models and celebrities nowadays sport. Smooth the hair out with some texturizer, than use your shade bobby pins to correctly position and secure it against the neck.

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