Must Have Maternity Clothing

It’s not as easy as it looks to be cute while pregnant. The main issue is that most maternity clothes are just not that fashion forward!

Here are some “must-haves” to maintain your fashion integrity within your maternity wardrobe:

A great pair of comfortable maternity jeans: I recommend spending a little extra money on a pair of designer maternity jeans. Most designer maternity denim pays attention to your newly curvaceous body and can accentuate your curves rather than hide them. You can get great deals on used maternity clothing on if you can’t afford to buy them new. You really only need one or two pairs of jeans to get you through if you’re on a budget. If you can’t afford designer denim, check out Old Navy for some fashionable maternity clothing.

When you are in the early stages of your pregnancy, you can get away with looser fitting “baby-doll” cut tops that are not specifically maternity tops. You’ll be able to look more fashionable the longer you stay out of the maternity stores. As you belly gets larger you’ll probably be forced to purchase tops that are made specifically for pregnancy. Keep in mind that your belly is going to be way bigger than you imagine. Towards the end of my first pregnancy I didn’t even fit into the large maternity tops I had purchased earlier in my pregnancy.

You will absolutely need to have some maternity camisoles or tank tops in your wardrobe. Maternity tops tend to be extremely low cut and it’s nice to have a little cover for modesty! Maternity tanks in a variety of colors will also be a nice addition to a summer wardrobe worn alone, as well as good for layering in the winter.

Invest in comfortable, cute, and flat shoes that you can slip on. Believe it or not, you will actually not be able to reach your own feet towards the end of your pregnancy! Most doctors recommend shoes with added traction because many women’s balance is off during pregnancy due to a changing body shape. A fall during pregnancy can be very dangerous so stick with stable shoes. Cole Haan makes some incredibly cute, dressy shoes that are actually made with a Nike Air sole for complete comfort!

If you are pregnant in the summer, a simple roomy sun dress is likely to fit you during the entirety of your pregnancy. Wrap dresses and flowing empire waist dresses are super comfortable during pregnancy and are definitely a must have during pregnancy. If winter is your season, consider some long cardigan sweaters over a loose camisole and maternity jeans or tights.

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