Plus Size Spring Fashion: 8 Looks That are Trendy, Fun and Comfortable

Having a voluptuous body can sometimes be difficult when shopping for the right pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. A fashion ensemble includes not just particles of clothing, but accessories and a critical eye for style! The following list of fashion tips will give plus size women a look on what’s hot for the spring season.

1. BLAZERS ARE A MUST-HAVE: Blazers give plus size figures a smaller waistline and can also be worn with a pair of denim jeans, khaki pants, a flowing skirt, or a pair of slacks. Your look is guaranteed to be versatile with a printed style blazer and a nice trouser. Blazers always take the outfit to another level and if paired with a nice pair of earrings and a necklace, your outfit will be complete.

2. SEXY TUNICS: Whether they have added lace, appear sheer, or ornamented with jewels and diamonds, tunics add flavor to any outfit. Kimonos are also very sexy tops that can be worn with slacks and skirt.

3. LEATHER SLINGBACKS. These sophisticated pumps give women an edgy sense of style without the stress because slingbacks are sold in low heel sizes as well as high heels. You can strut to work in the day, and wear them with a sexy black knit wrap dress the same night. Make sure to be very thorough when shopping for the right shoes. Wearing shoes too small, too large, too high heeled, or will have you self-conscious whenever they are worn. Its important to remember that beauty + comfort = confidence.

4. HANBAGS (MEDIUM SIZED): Handbags are one of women’s most vital accessories. There are two things to consider when selecting a handbag (well, other than the price): (1) Size. Carrying an oversized purse is sure to give the appearance of being larger. For this reason, a small to medium purse is suggested for plus size figures. (2) Color: Never be afraid of color. Black and Tan are the traditional colors for handbags, but a little color always makes the difference. Red (even burgundy) or even a nice green are some examples to chose from when selecting handbags. Side note: Studs are also a big hit and makes the purse look that much more stylish!

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5. PENCIL SKIRTS: Having a skirt in your wardrobe is a big must for this season. Paired with a button down blouse and black pumps will give you that polished look with a touch of class. Tulip shaped skirts flatter the figure as well, and adds a bit of movement to the swing of your hips.

6. JEWELRY: Once again, color is definitely the theme for this season. Black, tan, turquoise, and red beads give your outfit a bit of edge. Gold and silver tone jewelry also takes the look from bland to chic! Chandelier earrings draw attention to your face whether your hair is swept up or flattened straight. Find the right store in New York.

7. MESH DRESS: A closet wardrobe is not complete without a dress! For this spring, make sure to look hot in a beaded mesh dress. Not only is this dress comfortable, but also flattering to the eye because of the layers and the cut of the dress. This is the type of dress (in any color) that you can go out on the town for dancing, dining and have lots of fun because it is easy to wear and looks fabulous.

8. STRETCH JEANS: Selecting jeans can be every woman’s nightmare at times. It is important to try different brands in order to determine what flatters your figure the most. For plus size shapes, its definitely hard to find jeans for women with curves. The stretch jean molds to your contour better and allows for room to move in any surrounding. Sometimes the price for a good pair of jeans could be steep, but in the long run it’s worth it!

Women, if you take this advice with you on your shopping expedition, the results are sure to be pleasing. Always keep in mind what you are looking for before you step foot into a mall or department store. Look into your closet and check out the pieces you currently have then match them up with the new clothing and accessories.

Shopping can be a good experience if you focus on what’s needed instead of going to the store unprepared. If you have access to a computer, look at clothing boutiques that carry plus size clothing online before going to the store. This is a sure way to give you plenty of ideas. Ladies -whatever you do, make your look fabulous!

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