Slimming Looks for New Year’s Eve

Overindulge on Christmas? Already seeing the effects of those appetizers, pies and cocktails? We all strive to look our best on holidays and New Year’s Eve is certainly no exception. If the holiday season has already packed on a few extra pounds, don’t resign yourself to a shapeless sweater and sweatpants to ring in the new year.

Use just one or a few of the tips in this article to instantly look more slender at the holiday bash. I have personally used each and every one of these fashion tricks and they definitely create a much slimmer silhouette.

Choose Holiday Clothing with a Slimming Insert. Whether you are wearing simple black pants on New Year’s Eve or your plans require a a sparkly dress, choose your basic piece wisely.

Many pants, skirts and dresses are made with an elastic insert inside the lining that tucks and smooths. These pieces do a great job of minimizing a few extra pounds and making everything appear slimmer and tighter. These pieces cost a bit more, but are definitely worth the investment.

Draw the Eyes Up. A terrific way to divert attention away from a few extra pounds around the midsection and towards face is with a V neck top and a statement necklace. Choose a bold sweater or dress with a V neck and pair it with a gorgeous and dramatic necklace. Other party guests will certainly not notice a few excess pounds at the hips and thighs. All they will notice is your gorgeous upper half and your beautiful smile.

Shave a Few Pounds with a Fashionable Scarf.

A sheath style dress or a tailored shirt and pants are excellent choices for a holiday party. You can look just a bit slimmer in these ensembles by pairing them with a long scarf. Allow the accessory to hang over both shoulders in a vertical line. Wearing a scarf this way instantly makes the torso look longer and leaner, effectively erasing up to five pounds from your appearance.

Look Slimmer with the Right Footwear. Don’t underestimate the power of the right pair of shoes when seeking a slimmer appearance. Ankle booties are fun and fashionable, but they visually chop off the leg at the calf. Heels with ankle straps also make the legs look shorter and heavier. Opt for T strap heels or knee length boots for your New Year’s Eve ensemble. You will appear taller and thinner simply by choosing the right shoes. Try getting top heels here.

Ditch the Evening Bag. If you generally struggle with those tiny, completely impractical evening bags on holiday outings, say goodbye to them forever. Big bags are in and look perfectly appropriate with even the most elegant of evening wear. An over sized bag not only gives your the luxury of being able to carry everything you need, it makes you look slimmer and more petite in comparison. Choose a bag with a shiny silver strap or a little sparkle in the weave to give a nod to the glitz and glamor associated with New Year’s Eve.

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